Tuesday, November 22

The Back Yard

Welcome to the yard.

We have been trolling around a bit recently...and time has slipped away as only time can.
So apologies if anyone thought that I was giving up the art of blogging...it is an art maybe...does anyone agree?
Anyway I was really moved to see how the dying of the plants actually made the yard today look quite mystical.
That's all !
Busy now 'til the weekend lovely fellow bloggers.

I hope you all keep well and have fun!

[By the way I keep forgetting to point out the book on the side bar..... the family now know what they are getting for Christmas!]


  1. Gosh, that blue door just beckons you in - I want to close the latch and explore the archway - is this ivy? So many nooks, and all looking so green. Yes, I think blogging is an art, and I love the artistry woven into the ones I read, I hope soon to graduate from kindergarten!

  2. Yes, I do think blogging is an art form Gerry - and I am sure that, like me, you enjoy it when you have time.

  3. This way , your backyard offers secret little corners and plenty of small paths to faeries and other little creatures!
    And yes, blogging is an art, a new kind, but certainly a rich one!

  4. how good to have your response to my question. I am always amazed at the pomposity of some who do not know that an art can be anything that we put our heart and soul into...knitting..baking...friendship and so on
    ...and also that the amateur is only one who loves what they do so much that paid or not they will do it!!!!
    Sermon over !!!
    Thankyou lovely bloggers.

  5. Finding something lovely in an everyday scene is something that seems to come with blogging. It opens your eyes and your senses. The possibiities behind a blue wooden door in a wall......

  6. Very lovely! I do like what your weather does to a garden ~ I just don't like the weather!!!

  7. Your 'back yard' contains the mystery of a walled garden.

  8. Hello Gerry! Your poetry book is lovely. I've just read in it while having a cup of morning coffee. I love your poems - remember most of them from your blog.

    Yes, I think too that blogging is art, but I know no one here in DK except my son, who acknowledges what bloggers are doing, and I'm often frustrated over people's ignorance, even my friends do no understand (although some of them are artists). But I keep going on, because there is a group of bloggers here I like to read and follow. I love to do blogging and to read what is out there in blog world - and I think that the bloggers are such generous people. I have never heard a harsh word here, which was usual in the newsgroups where I started in 1999.

    It's a lovely Christmas gift for your family, your poetry book. I like the limericks too - always found them so funny.
    Grethe ´)

  9. Those pictures make me think of The Secret Garden. Just how I imagined it when I was a kid.

    And blogging is definitely an art - for art's sake, too!


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