Friday, November 4


" No, no, too many choices...where is that caterpillar when you need advice?"

"Ah, now that one looks pretty."

"I'll just get a little closer and read the instructions on it"

Dutch Drops

" Well that's a bit odd...but if they are good for the Dutch, ....just think how tall the Dutch are,.... then I'll have a sip. Anything to get me down off this window ledge!"

The new show at the Tate Liverpool opened last night. I wasn't there, but I will be going as soon as I can....
...............and taking grand girls with me!


We live close to the area south of the river, where Charles Dodgson was a vicar.
It was Alice who got us to move out of teaching and into our own art business.
Perhaps...I've just thought....we live in Wonderland!
The leaving of teaching is a long drawn out left alone!
Suffice it to say that Alice had a big hand in the doing of that.
This Alice is far from the sweet, innocent portrayal of childhood seen in Disneyish type films....
....though I have to say that I really enjoyed the latest 3-d version of it ...if only for the portrayal of the Hatter and the Red Queen.
No this Alice has spawned a multitude of confusions and madnesses.
Salvador Dali, Peter Blake, John Armstrong to name a few of the artists drawn into her spell.
The Times review this morning by Rachel Campbell- Johnson mentions ...."the spectator soon lost in the labyrinths"....of the show I presume.
Maybe it's all Alices' fault that we have built a labyrinth in the field at the back of the Potters House!
I'm looking forward to seeing the original illustrations by John Tenniel. I sttill remember the feelings of uncertainty I had as a child with the book and his illustations and not knowing in my innocence where they could have come from !

[Bottle care of the late Sydney....really does say that!  I have just looked it up on Google and lo and behold there is a bottle of it for sale on how "wonderland" is that!]


  1. A true Alice that wonders about the land :-)

    Thank you for the nice comment!

  2. Interesting story Gerry. We live quite near to Hurworth where Charles Dodgson lived for a time too.

  3. The Tenniel illustrations are by far the best. Anyone brought up on the multitude of alternatives misses so much!


  5. Maybe you guessed that I was a closet lover of Alice... ?
    Really enjoyed this post.

  6. thankyou so much fellow posters! well you are right...I'm sure even old Charles had no idea that his Alice would go on and on for ever getting deeper and deeper.

  7. It's amazing how influential that girl has been. I very much like the idea that she was responsible for such a momentous change in your lives.

  8. I'm an "Alice" lover.
    When I visited the vicarage in Daresbury I couldn't help but feel as if by chance I had visited before, though never did.
    I think I may have drank from the bottle :)
    Enjoy your visit to the Tate !


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