Tuesday, October 11

Salt Marching on The Bay.

That sounds like a cue for a song somehow! And of course Morecambe is famous for those.
However this is all about a glorious day spent wandering the salt marshes of The Bay with two of the five precious grandgirls.

Vast skies free the mind to extend the edges of our thinking.

We feel like the first explorers as we venture out into the flats of the bay.

Binoculars reveal the remains of a cocklers truck sunk half into those wobbly jelly-like sands.

Healthy fear keeps us waiting on the edge ....

....but we see the tide come roaring up the bay....

...and so we turn and respect this powerful element.

Pools have been formed and then reformed with each tide as it flows in and out.

Deep gullies appear and disappear with each month that we visit.

And the edges crumble away continually as the water takes it's toll on soft sandy clay.

Landward is this beautiful old farmhouse, and we wonder how many more years we will be able to visit before this too disappears into the quiet waters of the Bay.

Only the sea birds are undisturbed by any of this.
Oyster catchers wait together for the rising tide, before taking off on their magnificent circus flying acts over the shining Bay.

[By the way...anyone interested in the music history of Morecambe, can see a stunning film of that at Morecambe Library on the evening of Monday 17th October and Tuesday to be screened through out the day. Any more information can be had from Sonja Campbell of Happenstance Arts e-mail sonja@snapshotmuseum.com ]


  1. It is an incredible bay isn't it Gerry? I always think Grange at the top end is quite scary with its quicksand and these little runnels which appear and disappear seem quite scary too - rather reminds me of those on the Wirral. I don't know much of morecambe bay although I do know Arnside and Silverdale and that area. Lovely post.

  2. It's like being on the moon!

  3. Pat ...you are quite right...when I fly back to Belfast I am always amazed at the patterns on both sides of the Wirral peninsula.

    Natasha...is that what the moon looks like? Oh then I really eant to go there!!

  4. Really like Morecambe Bay. I've a friend lives in Arnside. My cousin lives in Ulverston. I'm quite often over there - and often go for walks like this one.

  5. There seems to be erosion all around the UK coastline. Will England disappear one day?

  6. What an incredible seascape! It's now 'on my To Visit list.

  7. Dominic...how good that you know the Bay...we may unbeknown have passed one another on the prom.

    Dana...it's always fun with the grandgirls..I can be a child again!

    Cro...how right you are...suffolk, sussex, dorset and the Bay...but if we should disappear into the sea, be certain that I shall wave at you as I go down..."she was always waving even when she was drowning"!!

    ishouldbeworking....one for the future, it's worth it!


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