Thursday, October 13

Poem for Magpie Tales 86

Now listen here
I’ve had enough of your shenanigans.
Give some respect
And stop this fooling around.
I’m dying for
My morning mug of coffee.
Can’t think without some caffeine in my blood.
I told you
Not to mess with Harry’s brand new wand .
He hasn’t
Even had a chance to try it yet.
Will you open up the spell book
Find the one reversing what you’ve done
Good heavens
Even Alice had some cake and growing liquid.
I didn’t mean it when I said that you had put some weight on.
I know
I’ll have to lose a bit myself.
Be nice
Because you know it’s right, and anyway
If not
I’ll never reach the pedals to get us into town

Many thanks to Tess from Willow Manor for this wonderful prompt for Magpie Tales 86.


  1. love the poem, gerry! i have a question for you.....where does the term "shenanigans" come from?? they must have been a bad gang. i wonder if they hung out with the "hooligans"? being part irish, i should know the answer. ha ha

  2. Enjoyable and magical poem!!
    I went through you gallery of ceramics and they are superb!! The boats and the walkway is marvelous, love those mooring ropes. The woody look is excellent!!

  3. I agree with Nanka: enjoyable and magical, but just for a moment it was more so. Your blog opened with "Salt Marching on the Bay (also a very fine post) and just for a second the little king was there among the images as if part of it - and he fitted in wonderfully.

  4. Erin...we used to say it in the north and so I googled and sure enough there it is as a north of Ireland thing!thanks for the fun comment.

    Nanka...thankyou for popping over to the site...yes Alan's ceramics are rather different and a bit zany if truth be told!

    Dave...always good to get a crit from you. I love that last poem of your's based on Ted Hughes.

  5. Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

  6. Hi gerry,nice to see your blog,also visit my blog its a pleasure for me


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