Sunday, October 2

Mag 85 The Flying Elephant


I’d so rather not be here
My feet are getting wet.
And the smoke from distant chimneys
Is mingling with my sweat.
I’m far from where I want to be
From homely, jungley climes.
My trunk is getting knotted
And my wings are tired of flying.
This day has thrown a googly
It’s not what I expect.
I’m big enough to crush you all
So show me some respect.
At home my ears will quite suffice
For any jobs I do.
So tell me why I need the wings
And what the wings will prove?
So…….this is an experiment
And I’m the chosen beast.
Well someone might have warned me
Of the consequence, at least.
I’m not equipped for floating
In the aviation world.
I’m more at ease with trampling
Where the sleepy snakes are curled.
Forgive me if I mention this
But India is home.
And if I have the choice
Again, I never more will roam.
I’ll always be content to stay
Where I have always been.
I’ll ditch the wings and live again
In that familiar scene.

“I’m back Nellie!”


  1. It's a lovely poem Gerry - really fun. India was my home too ;) When we were kids, the elephant would come to us, meandering soulfully up the hill, and tenderly take us for rides around the city... her ears were so fragile and her eyes were heaven.

  2. cleverly written- very fun to read!

  3. not sure my first comment went through- so I will repeat: Very fun read-written so cleverly!

  4. good rhyming...I always forget which is which but you can tell by the ears, the difference between African and Indian elephants. I checked. Indian elephants have the smaller ears and are often smaller in stature too.

  5. Delightful rhyme the end...

  6. Wonderful fun.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. I thought it was pigs that flew Gerry - although I quite like this chap and love the poem.

  8. "This day has thrown a googly." Love, love it.

  9. Love this take. Love the rhyme...


  10. Wonderful read, liked it a lot!

  11. Delightful read! I agree with Thingy - 'This day has thrown a googly' is a superb line.

  12. Beautiful and enjoyed every line including " I am back Nellie" I wish people would be less cruel towards these gorgeous intelligent beasts!! Elephant as the prompt today, and I'm having many visitors here in India!! :)

  13. Dear Gerry:

    I’ll ditch the wings and live again
    In that familiar scene

    cool! :) jj chiccoreal

  14. Pure delight ... each word, each line.

  15. To all of those lovely bloggers who have so kindly commented on the flying elephant....thankyou so much. I'm absolutely sure that the trip to India this year was the best thing that could have happened to help me write this.
    But also thanks must go to aunt Helen who took me to the circus to see the elephants in a time when it was O.K. to do it's not P.C.!!

  16. thrown a googly...ha...nice...enjoyed this and great flow as well...possibly going to india this year myself...

  17. you know this word...googly...comes from my childhood listening to my brother talk about cricket and sound excited!

  18. Gerry I really enjoyed this! I'll bet this is EXACTLY what the elephant is thinking!

  19. Dana...thankyou for such compliments! after riding on one this year I'm convinced that they know everything!

    Trellissimo...thankyou for you kind comment and I have popped over to your post and said hello!

  20. A cute take. Mad scientists often make the mistake of giving their abominations sentience as well. This poem follows that well worn tradition. If you're curious my Magpie 85 is Topsy.

  21. this was lots of fun with a twist

  22. Fabulous, worth the wait! xx

  23. Isabel..thankyou for your kind comment. I popped ove to see your very interesting blog...wonderful.

    Natasha...everything comes to she who waits...they say...I hope that is true!


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