Wednesday, September 21

What the fungi are those?

A quick walk down the back field
 and lo and behold almost over night these have appeared!

Now I know that this is "fly agaric" and pretty darn poisonous but also magnificently beautiful.

                            .... look at the size of this cartwheel of a fungi!...
I know because I read up last time they appeared, that these are a product of the silver birch grove that we have in the field.

The animals / birds have already had a go at this one...why don't they die?
 Well of course, I hope they don't !

Turn your back and another lot seem to spring up...
This lot looks as if they could be edible...
...but I'm not going to have a go!

and look how dinky these ones below are...sweet little things...

Then all by itself this whopper!
 But gorgeous I think.

More fodder for some creature...could it be the field mice?

This one had such a super shiny brown top but was really small....


And here is my liebling one!
So tiny and actually lots of them but this photo came out best.
They are hidden in the Labyrinth.
Like drops of blood and snuggled in with the grasses and wild flowers that appear there


  1. The tiny red one is almost certainly a waxcap and the troop of fat stalked browny grey ones look like boletus, but difficult to tell from a photo if the edible kind or not.

  2. Mushroom omelet for tea!

  3. Interestingly, I did a post about fungi yesterday too. I love the fly agaric - at least we know we can't eat that and it is v ery easy to identify.
    The funny thing about them is that one day they are not there, the next they are in fulll 'bloom' and the day after that they are a horrible slimy mess.

  4. These are elegant photo shots.
    love the mushrooms in different colors.

  5. Gretel...thankyou for that info. I just love the tiny red ones and the others may be boletus as another friend said the same but taking NO chances!

    Would that be sweet and sour mushroom omelette? Natasha?

    cello strings...thankyou for your visit...I'm revelling in my new camera and all the things that it can do!

  6. Hello! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Congrats for your work. If you wish to follow back that would be great I'm at
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. freeasabee...don't think so...they were no more than 6ins. high...I can jump higher than that!

  8. Hej Gerry1 Number five photo is a Porcini, a Karl Johan or the Latin Boletus edulis. One of the finest edible mushrooms. I don't know if you see this now. I'll have a post about it on Flora and Fauna one of the first days.
    Grethe ´)


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