Monday, September 12

Katia couldn't stop us!

This is not the normal scene on the Bay!

"Katia" stirred things up a bit.
Instead of a gentle whoosh of the tide... was a ccccraaash!
Exciting...yes but it meant that the last weekend of the season was missing a few items on the programme.

So no Red Arrows
and no fireworks....
...too windy by far.

The potter had a go at showing off to the girls...

...but was no better than Knut at stopping the tide.

Driftwood one - potter nil!

So what to do?
Well the vintage cars still came from Bradford.

We always love seeing them and saying..."oh look there's your first car
 and there's one of my dad's
 and there's Sydney's"

They pile along the prom and line up with their owners proudly standing beside them.
We have been to Brighton often when the London to Brighton Vintage Car Rally is held and Morecambe beats it hands down.
Well you can walk right up to them, stroke the polished bonnets and might even  be lucky enough to get to sit inside one.

But girls are not really that interested in vintage cars and so we move on...

No Morecambe weekend would now be complete without the ice cream van owned by the lovely Kate.
Restored by her own fair hands the van is now in demand all over the country.
Next weekend she could be at the London Fashion show at Claridges.
Outside of course!
Go Kate!

On with our yummy ices and "dis must be de place".

With money burning a hole in their pockets, where else should we go to, but the slot machines!

Bright lights....

...This is serious stuff.

"Don't make me lose my concentration"!

It's such a great feeling when you manage to get the coins to move and hear the clatter as they tipple into the cup below....and then you lose it all and you don't really care because it was such fun!

I left the potter and girls shoving coins into the slots...
..and went off to have a look at the Platform,
where The Vintage Village Hall was set up with a vintage tea room and stalls of all kinds of vintage things...
...I think the actual word is...old...
...but I loved it.

Tea and cake in pretty cups and plates, and loads of Aunt Helen type cakes with lashings of cream and strawberries and chocolate.

Oh and a glass of Guinness for the potter...just to keep the energies up for the grand girls!

I loved this stall as mum had one of these trollies which came out for visitors at posh suppers.

And I bought some 1950's type glasses with colour on them...something a few years ago I would have turned my nose up at.!

Turned up...that's Jack Sparrow, as charming as ever...he gets everywhere these days!
Think I saw him at the sandcastle weekend too!

Here's a another turnup for the books...

...nine-year-old girl admiring the 1950's net slip....grandmother describes the difficulties of sitting down with said garment, especially on the bus and the nasty pattern left on the back of the legs after sitting down!

But now the rain is pelting down ... we run for the house and get soaking wet...more "Katia"!

Fire lit and Harry Potter on the screen with damp clothes drying on the radiators...

Fish and chips from Atkinson's.

snuggled up...

..with blankets...

...and the legs stretched out....

another perfect Morecambe day!


  1. Shame about the rain. You may like to know that The Brighton Speed Trials (Sept 11th) were held this year in perfect sunshine.

  2. Mmm, think I want a bit of that cake! xx

  3. Natasha...I shall bake you one when you come and see me...??

    Cro...glad that the sun shone! We used to stand and watch the cars coming along the prom in Brighton in June when we were exhibiting at the Open House section of the!

  4. Sounds like a fun time for all... love the ice cream van, sure it is a big hit with all!

  5. That's a great one of Izzy! And Essy is such a poser! Would you email them to me? So sad I couldn't be there xxxxxxxxx

  6. Kate...will do you mean the black and white ones?

  7. Just found your fab poto of me (Morecambe's Capt'n Jack Sparrow) I'm on Facebook as 'Jack-ie Sparalike' XX


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