Thursday, September 29

A Poem for Thursday.

Mersey Limerick

There once was a maid in a jersey,
Who constantly wanted to curtsey.
She tried on the grass
but she fell on her “ knees”
In the mud at the side of the Mersey.
(Lovely weather again...down at the Ferry).


This is for The Purple Treehouse poetry blog.


  1. Aww, I thought you wrote it for me :)
    Enjoy your Indian Summer weather, all looks well from the view down at the ferry.....

  2. I love the break from form. Made me smile. Than you for that.

  3. Your images get progressively more stunning.

  4. Too bad, a curtsy at a place so risky. Hope that it was ok. Great limerick!


  5. walking man...thankyou for the comment...high praise from you ! thrilled!

    Yes Hank we must choose our sites for such palavering I think!

    Dave...I think this new camera is helping. Thankyou.


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