Friday, September 23

The Last Fair of the Year.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us on Sunday 25th September.
As that will be the last of the Grange-over-Sands Prom Art fairs this year.

It has been a really good year for us at the Prom and the number of artists has grown with some exceptionally good work appearing.
I believe there are upwards of 100 artists now exhibiting. 
I especially liked seeing the work of some of the young post-graduate fine art painters.
They bring a frissance of youth and edginess to the show which can only be good!

I'm sure Robert who oversees us so kindly, must be well satisfied with the season.

But even if you are not an art collecter, the prom is a joy to walk along with monthly changes in the flowers that grow the full length from the station to the tea room. And then there's the view across the bay to the hills of N. Lancashire or behind the town to the mountains of the Lake District.

And if you like a fun journey then you could always get the train from Carnforth.
It crosses the Kent river at Arnside and stops at Grange.
Carnforth Station!  You could just have a brief encounter there
before travelling on to say hello to us at the Prom Art!

Beautiful Grange-over-Sands


  1. I wish you well. I'll cross my fingers for good weather, and sales a-plenty.

  2. I am sad that I have missed them all Gerry - I really did intend to come but the farmer walks every other sunday and needs the car on those days. I love the prom at Grange - it is so unusual. In fact the whole place is unusual. I used to bring my old friend frequently. Sadly now she has dementia and can no longer go out.

  3. thankyou for the kind comments!I'm back now and the wwaether was good to us and the lovely people liked our art. So all is well with our world!


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