Monday, September 19

Kreuz Spinner

I love the German name for this spider.
Kreuz Spinner.
Cross Spider.
It's obvious!

I found him/her  spinning on this dried flower stem while I was tidying up the garden.
What a pattern!

Wonderful colours....

and goodness me up close...quite hairy.

I don't mind spiders.
No arachnaphobia here!


  1. he's huge! "shudders" he is pretty though, in a creepy kind of way =/ xxx

  2. I am a total wuss with spiders, but I don't mind garden ones (this looks like one) as much - they do build incredible webs and eat up all the baddies.

  3. pottershousepenketh.blogspot.com19/09/2011, 17:12

    Kate...he could be a she and eat up all the hes!
    Very pretty!

    Gretel...most of my family are that the speling? are not alone!

  4. Lovely photo' camera?

  5. I can't say that I care much for spiders Gerry, but I do agree that that one in your photo is amazing and I do absolutely love the webs they spin, especially when they are dotted with dew or covered in hoar frost.

  6. Natasha ...I do indeed have a new camera...I love it.
    It is a Lumix Panasonic DMC-FZ45. I'm still playing around with it but my last little camera...which I loved...would not have been able to show you the hairiness of the spider!! Is that good or bad?

    Pat...The webs are coming on all the bushes now and it always amazes me how intricate they are.

  7. Eek, so close! It's beautiful from afar. : )


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