Wednesday, September 28

Indian Summer or French One!

I sat down the back field in a deck chair and closed my eyes and was taken back in my memories to the wonderful September holidays that I spent with the potter in Cereste, Provence, France.
The soft warmth combined with the crackle of autumn leaves made me imagine that I could be sitting in the garden of Madame Mitrani's Medieval Tower in Cereste, and snoozing in the afternoon heat.


Céreste is a Roman-era village in the Northern Luberon between Apt and Manosque. There are terrace cafés, a Medieval old village and lovely surroundings.


  1. Oh yes Gerry - it's like being in France. Isn't the heat just incredible today - I don't think I even remember it being as warm as this any day in August.

  2. Aah lovely....
    I would think one might hear the seagulls flying overhead at the Ferry :)
    Everyhting looks so lovely and green, enjoy your snooze !

  3. When I go to Provence I sometimes wish that I lived there - it is so beautiful. Then reality kicks in and I know that I would not like to be away from my friends and family. On all the wet days in the year they are such a comfort. But I do agree, Provence and that area is so wonderful.

  4. my eye goes right down that path to the bench and doesn't want to leave your words.

  5. thankyou all of you lovely commenters. The weather is to stay warm for another while so I might top up my tan before the winter rust sets in!

  6. 30 degrees C here, and still swimming twice a day. Not Provence, but perfect tranquility.


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