Tuesday, September 27

The Carnation

There once was a little girl who loved to have holidays by the sea.
So every summer she went with her mother, father and little sister to her grandparents' big old house up by the bay.
Her grandmother had decorated the bedrooms with lots of seasidey cushions, and the wallpaper behind the bed heads had boats sailing along in a blue sea with fluffy white clouds on a blue sky.
It's easy to dream in a bed like that and sometimes when you are very little it's hard to remember that if you pick the paper it will tear.
Oops! that's what happened!
She didn't mean it to happen....but somehow it just did.
She was so sorry, and to let her grandmother know how sorry she was, she bought her a lovely bunch of pinky-red carnations.

The grandmother remembered what she had done herself as a little girl. How she had drawn super "pussy-cats" all the way up the stairs on every step untill she reached the top.  And then got into serious trouble with her mum, because the wall had to be repainted!
Well the carnations were beautiful and you know some flowers will grow again even when they have been cut off from the plant.

So grandmother popped two or three stems into the soil in the flower garden.
And after a couple of years....lo and behold.... two beautiful flowers appeared on the plant.

By the way this story is true because I know that little girl!



  1. Thats' a very beautiful story, Gerry. And now I'm thinking about the carnation, it's such a lovely flower, and I don't see it much anymore - only at weddings!
    Grethe ´)

  2. Grethe..thankyou for the kind message. I only think of weddings as well ..funny isn't it...they used to be so popular. My father-in-law loved them and always grew them.

  3. Where's the part of the story where the poor mother had to spend a day of her holiday re-wallpapering!

  4. My little grandson (aged 3) tore some wallpaper, so his older brother (aged 4) got a hammer and nails, and repaired it. Luckily their father was there with his camera to record the finished job. How can you be angry with such initiative!

  5. Oh Natasha...a child wound there!! now that would not have made for good composition I think...so sorry! But what about the child? did she even remember or is life just too busy nowadays in that department!

    Cro...I'm laughing over that great story. I suppose it's easier to do so when I'm a grand mother rather than a parent!

  6. The carnations are nice. It is somewhat like the Japanese Rose that we have here. Push in the stalk and it'll bloom in no time!



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