Thursday, September 1

The Bore.

What a good name !
It certainly isn't boring if you are there as it happens.
Most people in England know of the Avon Bore.
But there is a Bore in south Cumbria on the River Kent .
We often go to Arnside, on the south bank of the river,

We have a cuppa in the little wooden tea rooms along the bank and up a hill to the left.
Then sit and wait and hope, like children listening for sleigh bells on Christmas Eve.

 If our timing is right, we will hear the "bore" as the tide streams in past the town at a narrow part of the river. It sounds like a train coming closer...really loud... and the first time is so uncanny as to make you think that the train is coming up the river! 
Sadly we were out of luck, but the tea was worth it and the piece of almond and lemon cake almost made up for the disappointment.

Today we took the bikes and peddled down to the Mersey, about a mile as the crow flies.

Not many crows there ...mainly seagulls and other water fowl!
We sat at the wooden tables, gazing out over the river and ate sandwiches...they don't serve food...and drank  Guinness.

Suddenly...there was a roar coming  from the west.
A Bore!
I couldn't believe my ears and I jumped up knocking over drinks and crisps !

From being a trickle of water in the river, it very quickly filled up to the level of the rushes and sedges on the opposite side to us.

I've lived around here for 40 years and I never knew that we had our own local Mersey Bore! 
Well that's not completely true...actually I've known quite a few...but none as exciting as this one!


  1. How fascinating! I'd never heard of Bores before (at least that kind.) And what a quaint shop -- a place I'd love to hang around. Sounds like a great afternoon!

  2. Wow ! I've sat outside the Ferry Inn many times, but never witnessed 'the bore' how lucky for you....
    I see the Daresbury tower lurking in the distance...sweet home :)

  3. And not a surfer in sight.

  4. Will have to visit next time we're in Morcambe! xx

  5. Linda...some day we must get together with Rosie and explore some lovely places and go to the "auld country" together...that would be gorgeous!

    Cro... no. that is if you don't count the man with the laptop and the grey hair surfing the web as the Bore arrived...oh that makes two bores!

    Natasha....but when will that be? I do not know! Too much to do before that I fear!

  6. Ooooo, thanks for the memory!
    __My folks had a shore-side place in very northern Maine, the town of Millbridge; there,
    there were severe tide changes. Once my Dad called an incoming tide, (rightly or wrongly, no river near-by) as a Bore Tide.
    __A cup of tea, and that almond/lemon sounds grand. _m


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