Tuesday, August 2


 The recent heat has suddenly brought on the ripening of the greenhouse

So now we think...what shall we do with the bright red  treasure this year?

Well the different types lend themselves to various dishes.
We oven dry quite a lot and store them in olive oil in the freezer...they don't keep as well as bought sun-dried in my experience.
We combine them with courgettes, garlic and onions to make oven roasted veg.
We stuff them with rice and herbs like Italian antipasti.
We eat them straight from the vine of course and make loads of tomato and cheese sandwiches to name just a few uses .
There's hardly anything nicer than entering a greenhouse full of tomato vines ripening.
The smell is one of those summer memories that I store up for winter months.

And if any of my lovely blogging friends have other suggestions for these fruits of the vine......
                             ....I would be ever-so-grateful!


  1. Yes the grandchildren would love that for chips and pasta!

  2. Don't forget Salsa. I don't have a recipe but there are gazillions out there.

  3. My excess gets bottled as Ratatouille, Courgettes in tomato sauce, and Aubergines in tomato sauce. I usually do enough (about 25 bottles) to last us through to the following year. I think I have about 2 jars left from last year, one of which is being used tonight!

  4. It all sounds great to me!

  5. Hi Geraldine, Thanks for your encouraging comment; it's nice to know we're in it together!

    I've lost track of my "feed-reading" device on my computer (Can't find it anywhere on my toolbar), or else, I'd be here more often. I will physically add your url to my reader to correct that.


  6. Now to the tomatoes: These are gorgeous, and I am a big fan of the tomato. My dad used to grow the huge Beefsteak variety on stakes at the back of our garage every summer. I loved them best in thick slices in between toast with loads of what would probably be closest to your "salad cream".
    Now I prefer the smaller cocktail varieties and I cook with them nearly every day.
    I did grow some cherry tomatoes in my own backyard one year, but stupidly attached the stems to a spiralling plant-stand which proved to be a veritable "Stairway to Heaven" for the local squirrels!

  7. lo, cro, dave and kat...thankyou for those super suggestions!
    cro..when you bottle the courgettes in tomato sauce, do you have to boil the filled jars?
    kat today we had some beef toms and I filled them with rice and stuff! stay clear of the tomato guzzlin squirrel!
    lo...I will look up on google for a salsa recipe and put it up if I find a decent one.
    cheers you lovely people!

  8. The images are gorgeous. I'm glad the tomatoes love this weather. LOL.

    Tomato soup for the winter months. : )


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