Monday, August 1

Prom Art in July 2011

Another great day at Grange-over-Sands yesterday. I was a bit worried about the weather playing up...either too hot and nowhere to hide...or rainy and not worth putting the paintings out.
Oh dear you can't please some people!
But it was perfect. Warm breeze and clouds covering the worst of the sun's heat.....well we are talking northern here.


of the yellow sweatshirt fame!...was pleased with the turnout.
He runs the show...(and I think maybe his sweatshirt is pink now?)

A hundred and ten artists this time.

And the quality of the art gets better and better.
We had a good day business-wise and on top of that met some lovely folks and had a yummy picnic.
What more could one ask for?
That's maybe stretching it a tad! Don't ask me for a list.

Anyway these ceramic poppy heads sold out...

Penguins flew off the table...metaphorically speaking...

One lovely lady came to buy her 4th...
...what can she be doing with them?

And Kate the granddaughter, sold one of these...much to her financial delight!

But these little "babes" were not there as they are even now being packed up for the journey south to
The Snape Maltings Gallery in Suffolk tomorrow.

....and all in a row....

They should feel at home down there!


  1. The display looks fascinating. Top work, so far as I could see. And absolutely love the shell. Must have been a grand day.

  2. Beautiful stuff Gerry. I love those beach huts. I really will make it to Grange one of these days.

  3. Ooh - I love the penguins!


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