Friday, August 12

A Poem for Friday

Friday 12th. August 2011

[Another day...another kiln load opened].

Whether pot be green or dry
Whether clay be turned to stone
Whether night gives way to day
Time will tell and time alone.

Whether drought or raging flood
Whether famine or excess.
Whether fighting leads to blood
Clever words do not impress.

Whether peace can be restored
Whether man will smile at man.
Hither goes the cry aloud -
We must do the best we can.


  1. Thank you. Just about perfect for today.

  2. Colleen...thankyou...there is so little we can do but the every day kindnesses build up a country my opinion anyway!

  3. Absolutely true Gerry and well said.

  4. A very good message. : )

    What a terrific image.

  5. Good one. Have you tried writing it on a piece of pottery?

  6. A fine poem, beautifully constructed with controlled rhythms. And top drawer philosophy, too. Why does the devil have all the best catch phrases? We never hear it as an excuse for peace: because we can!

  7. Yes, we must do the best we can. That's so true Gerry. Thank you.


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