Tuesday, August 23

Much Ado at Minack!

I had such a great birthday in Cornwall this year...
...a new camera from the potter....
....a tripod and some filters for the new camera  from the family of Amelies House...
...a painting from Confusionosity of Life granddaughter...
...smellies and chocs and beads and all sorts of goodies from the other four gorgeous gussies called granddaughters!
...and two tickets to go to Minack Theatre near Lands End to see Much Ado About Nothing
from the Spice Works son and family!


The scene was set in the 2nd world war...so the watch were dad's army, Beatrice and others were land girls, and the princes followers were Polish airmen.

Apart from the play, what a view out over the Atlantic. I almost felt that I could "Yoohoo" over the water to any lovely blogpals out there across the pond on the east coast"!

I couldn't believe that anyone would rather read a book than either see the play or view the sea....
...but hey whatever makes for a good day!

Benedict hides in the Punch and Judy tent and hears what he wants to hear about Beatrice!
Don Pedro, Claudio and Leonato.

All rounded up with a Cornish clotted cream tea with scones and strawberry jam...what could be better!


  1. I can't remember the name of the couple who first started Minack Gerry - but it is certainly popular every year - such a wonderful situation too. Belated happy birthday.

  2. glad you enjoyed the play, had a good birthday, and liked my painting. i am experiencing cream tea and pasty withdrawal, how about you? =/ xxx

  3. Wonderful! I love the Minack Theatre, such a beautiful venue ... :0)

  4. Just stopping by from the Weaver of Grass's blog, and to say hello....
    I'm a Penketh expat, now living just outside of Nashville, Tennessee USA, my parents and brother still live down near The Ferry Inn.
    Small world isn't it !
    Hope to visit with you often, and spare me one of those scones and clotted cream will you please ?

  5. I'm jealous. I've always wanted to go there.... and it looks as if the weather was perfect too.

  6. Looks wonderful- one of those days to remember on a grey winter's day. Cornish people don't skimp on the cream teas do they? Rosie

  7. A birthday to remember. Now have great year to follow! All the best!

  8. Pat...her name was Rowena Cade..but whether there was anyone else I'm not sure.
    thankyou all for your comments...the weather was great althoufg the forecast was not...but the sun shone...I had bought one of those cheap plastic ponchos....no faith then!!!
    jo...it's great to have you here...I made some scones today up here in Penketh!!

  9. What lovely birthday treats and a bright day to enjoy them. When we went to the Minnack many years ago, I have to say I found the cormorants dive bombing fish just a little distracting!


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