Monday, August 22

Martin Creed at Tate St. Ives.

Just back from a week in the glorious south...the end of the fact Land's End and all that!
Lots of lovely photos ...but I really wanted to start again with the visit to Tate St. Ives. and the show put on by Martin Creed.
Art from air!
We loved did all the children who experienced it!

The potter is used to dealing with earth and fire... not air....

....going under!....

...."I may never emerge from this art"!

...gone and never called me Terry used to say!....

...look out, something is emerging out of the chaos...

...looks like her hair has a life of it's own...

..."where am I?"....

"what did you find crawling around on the floor?"

Fantastic...good old Martin Creed, he always comes up with something to get us talking...and usually laughing as well.

This is taken in the round window at the front of the gallery and it shows the scene outside looking like an expressionist painting.

Lovely St. Ives
 and great Tate.


  1. Looks like some of the balloons had popped in the few days since we went! Good fun

  2. Looks wonderful. I keep thinking of making the long trip down there. Not sure why, but I've had a feeling for a while that I'm going to like St Ives and what I find there.

  3. I've always liked painting or sculpture that makes me smile.

  4. What great fun, I love the static in your hair!

  5. Natasha...I crawled around the floor looking for dead balloons you know me!!
    Dominic....I'm sure that you would love it...even the cafe is good!
    Jennifer and was really the best fun ...I love the Tate up here as really goes for makes you think a bit!

  6. Can't beat a good tea shop. Sounds more and more like my kind of place.


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