Wednesday, August 3

"Full o'beans!"

Yesterday tomatoes.... picking and podding beans.

And just the act of doing this takes me back to the Belfast home and dad has been to his plot and brought back a bag of beans and peas and mum says..
...."Geraldine sit down there on that step and pod those for us for dinner"...
and I sit on the kitchen step in the morning sun and pod and dream.

Dinner was always at 12.30...what we now call lunch...
...5.00 was tea!

A plot is what is now called an allotment!

How times change and yet how times stay the same.


  1. And we call it shelling beans :)

  2. Gathering vegs, podding beans or peas, top-n-tailing beans, all activities that have been with me all my life, and I still love doing it (preferably with company).

  3. Lovely memory! I didn't know you were from Belfast! You must read the poem I posted yesterday.

    I'm currently reading a book entitled, "The Last House of Ulster" about a family in Belfast. I'll be reviewing it soon on my "Scan Lit" blog.



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