Friday, July 1


A workshop day in the studio at The Potters House Penketh.
Ten potters making pots!



rolling out slabs....

impressing design...
(in this case the arms and legs of a Barbie doll! We're talking post-modern here!)

Laying out the slabs to dry in the sun...
...yes we had lots of sun today!

we had coffee and scones for the morning break. ...
while I got going on making  a bean salad for lunch...

..with a potato salad and some greens and fresh radishes from a friend...

savoury pastries...

..cheese dish and tomatoes with mozarella
and some freshly cooked baked ham.

The chairs set out behind the tool shed with "blankies" in case a breeze blew up and caused a shiver!

"Guten appetit!"

Meringues with fresh cream and freshly picked raspberries for sweet.

...and at the end of the day...
some great work to be dried and fired and glazed.

Happy days.


  1. Happy day indeed Gerry - how I wish I lived near enough to come to a workshop day - both for the making of the pot and for that absolutely delicious food.
    When a friend, Peter Hibbard, who trained with Henry Moore, used to live at Middleham, he used to have workshop days and his wife, Judith, used to prepare similar meals to yours. So this post brought back happy memories.

  2. Now THIS is as perfect a day as you would want!!!
    I loved seeing ALL the pics and now I am hungry too!!!!!!!!

  3. Looks like a wonderful gathering - sometimes when I have run courses I've become some engrossed and involved I've forgotten about breaks and food, until my carves have approached with pleading eyes and hungry tummies!

  4. Looks a fabulous day! And gorgeous food! xx

  5. Thankyou kind commentors! It was indeed a good day.I think that Alan would forget the breaks also, once you get into the swing of things it's hard to stop...but the stopping was fun!

  6. re Photo No 3. Now we know who's been knocking up all those Martin Bros fakes!!

  7. Ahh...Cro I hoped that you wouldn't notice that ....but they're selling well!!! not!


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