Tuesday, July 19

The Making of a Polar Bear!

I took this series of photos recently to have a record of how Alan works in the studio.

Oblivious to any other influence!

The starting product.

Continually turning on the stand and viewing from every angle.

Dried, fired, glazed and fired again..a very high temperature of 1240c.

A close-up of the finished glaze...he's very happy with this effect.

Two views of the polar bear ready for a trip down south...
.....but not as far as the s. pole...polar bears don't live there!


  1. Love him, especially the paws!

  2. What a talented man. So gorgeous.

  3. Polar Bear is heavenly and the glaze very interesting. Do you use two glazes overlayed? The clay looks very course, grainy, what is it? And wet? And do you use the slip to smooth, add to the final finish. Love the horse and giraffe images - are they future projects?

  4. That's really a fine polar bear.

  5. thankyou kind bloggers for your comments.
    Jennifer...I have had a word with the potter...Alan... and these are the answers he has given me to your questions.
    The glaze is not overlayed..he uses oxides and a tin glaze.
    The clay is crank.
    He doesn't smooth with slip.
    And the horse and giraffe are probably from the people that he teaches....he denies that and calls what he does...facilitating!

  6. Bug...for some reason known only to blogspot...your comment disappeared! however I read it and as usual I adore your sweet soft sense of humour. Lovely thankyou!

  7. Fascinating post, and I'm not surprised he was satisfied with the glaze. I think it's brilliant.

  8. very interesting... I ought to see if I can find the one sculpture I once made - it was a Bassett Hound... when I got it home and proudly showed my Mum she said "Lovely... er... what is it?" She didn't even realise it was a dog!!

    However after she died and we were clearing out my sister found it dusty but still treasured at the back of the display cabinet

  9. A very fine polar bear, not a hint of mint to him ..... he definitely looks as though he'd take a lump out of you as soon as look at you .

  10. thankyou smitonius and sonata for your kind comment. I had a little glimpse of your post and also your flickr....love it!


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