Monday, July 18

Kitaj Exhibition in Kendal

I'm inspired. I always am after seeing an exhibition.
This one was at the Abbott Hall Gallery in Kendal.
Showing the work of Kitaj.

So after the show we made our way back down the road to the Bay
and stopped off at The Midland for a drink.
The sky was heavy with purple/blue clouds and the water was stunning.
So I got inspired and made a quicky sketch and wet it with a spot of my Guinness!



  1. RK was one of my biggest (living) influences when I was at college. Wonderful draftsman, wonderful colourist, and always wonderful subject matter. Some of his later work is a bit iffy, but his RCA and post RCA days stuff is superb. Lucky you!

  2. Cro...thankyou for the post...It was a great show. The very last self portrait was there, as well as quite a few of the collages, which I really liked.Especially as Abbott Hall has quite a few of Schwitters collages and paintings on permanent view and I love his work.
    The rise of fascism, Washing cork and the Priest, deckchair and distraught woman, probably my favourites of the show...all early works.

  3. Lovely spontaneous sketch Gerry. Once I get my licence back we must meet at Abbot Hall or the Brewery Arts - or even Farfield Mill. There is such a lot going on over there and I am missing it since I can't drive.

  4. Pat...that would be great. I would really look forward to that as it would be so good to put a voice to a face to a blogger!!

  5. What a lovely sketch, enhanced by Guinness even. I could have wet the paper with the Guinness, but all that business with the pastels is beyond me :)

  6. thankyou bug....this is the 2nd. post to you as I left one on the new poat...!!! love your sweet self put down sense of humour! thankyou.

  7. I could see Guiness painting catching on fast! LOL


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