Wednesday, July 13

Hot from the kiln!

These sculptures are just out of the kiln this morning. Here they are still  hot in the studio.

 As soon as they were cool enough we got them photographed and on to f.b.. I put them into flickr as well and added to the various groups.
They are all destined for distant climes! Well that is Kent and Suffolk. The Suffolk galleries are,
The Snape Maltings...which I always think is very apt for Alan!...
The Buckenham Gallery in Southwold, favourite place in England....
And The Harbour Gallery in Whitstable, Kent. This is a fairly new place for us to exhibit. If you live nearby, why not have a look at these in person.

The back drop is also the work of an artist. I got it from the Tate Liverpool a few years ago. It's by a South American artist, but I have lost track of his name. He gave away freebies of the prints of his original photographs and I took a couple. If anyone out there can recognize his work, perhaps you might let me know who you think it is.


  1. Brilliant.... I'll try to get to the Whitstable one given it's not far away

  2. They're awesome, love all the details!

  3. The lighthouse and boat are my favourites!

  4. So amazing. Love them !

  5. I love the ones with the boats on Geraldine - they are so beautiful.

  6. thankyou kind blogger friends!
    These certainly turned out fantastically. We are always dependent on the kiln and that it doesn't play silly-billies!

  7. Went to Whitstable today and saw "beach huts" proudly in the window of the gallery :-)

  8. thankyou so much for the comment furtheron....we hope to get down sometime soon and see for ourselves. I used to live in Folkestone and want to go back for a visit to reminisce!!


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