Wednesday, July 27

Extra Special Workshop

It's that time of year again when the local school takes over the studio and garden for an end of term workshop with the "little ones".
Hand-in-hand a class of four and five year olds come marching up the alleyway and into the garden accompanied by excited mums, grandmums and their teachers. We love it! What an age to be!
They split into two lots and half go into the studio with the potter and helpers, and the rest go off with their art folders looking for interesting things to draw.
The potter always has some fun questions for them...."Name 10 garden birds?"...Answer..."sparrow, robin, thrush and George!"...."George?" ..."yes one of the baby ducklings is called George"..."Well that makes sense doesn't it."

"Let's make some fish".

They'll be fired and glazed and returned to be "oohed" and "aahed" over by parents and grandparents in September.
How clever is that!

Meawhile out in the garden....

there are butterflies to look for... and draw...

...a cat to be drawn and stroked ....[or avoided, depending on how you do it!]

...a labyrinth to walk... one little boy said, "We found a maze"...and I said, "Amazing!"

...while another informed me that he had.....
" found a wood with a secret seat in it!"

Then after squash and biscuits and a spot of picnic lunch on the grass....
...and many trips to the loo.... they go 'til next year and another lot come laughing down the alleyway.


  1. That's a great idea. Those fish are fantastic well made by the little ones.

    I wonder how your cat feels when they have gone home."Oh, how wonderful! Finally some peace and quiet!"
    Grethe ´)

  2. What a lovely annual event Gerry - one to be treasured.
    Hope that Grange goes well on Saturday - I really would love to come over on one of your Grange Saturdays but at present I cannot drive and am waiting for the neurologist to give me permission to drive again.

  3. Hi, just blog-hopped here from Hillside Cottage via Cro Magnon!
    gz (another potter!)


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