Monday, July 25

Chaos and Complexity.

......just fabrics!....

....just some  fabrics and rugs that I've picked up from here and there ...
...they  came together to create style for the Indian Tent at the garden do....

I have a  bag full of amazing fabrics given to me by an Indian friend....
and the grandchildren use them to dress up in and put on plays in the garden in front of the summer house!

Loving the Bombay Sapphire bottle...
makes all the difference!


  1. A very Kaffe Fassett melange of fabric! I remember being bitterly disappointed to find that Bombay Sapphire is not blue at all, just the bottle...

  2. The fabrics made me DROOL, they're so scrumptious!♥

  3. The fabrics made me DROOL - they are so scrumptious...

  4. Gretel... life is full of disappointments like this!! Been there!
    thankyou Jinksy.thankyou Jinksy...I somehow managed to get two took advantage of both!

  5. Indian fabrics have such vibrant colours. I once bought a lot of sari material at am Embroidery Show and used them in my embroidery. They are almost all gone now but I occasionally find a snippet.

  6. Dear Geraldine those pics are fabouloses!!!
    Looooove them,
    A big hug,

  7. Lovely. Fabrics to dye for.


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