Wednesday, June 29

Fuengirola Market!

It's market day!
Alan and I always start with a spanish coffee and a toasted croissante.
It costs all of 5.80 euros...that's for two of us.
This year lovely Jean (the potter's sister] and gorgeous hubby, Rob..
joined us at the grand do.

But I had to go back the next week to see what the clothes stall was offering.
I'm hooked!
The stall in the market that has me in my best cherry-picking mode has got me again!
It used to be, "n'euro...n'euro!"
This year it was, "d'euro, d'euro!"
Three trestle tables piled up with clothes from all over the world.
"Roll up ladies and grab your hearts' desires."
Last year I was entranced with two African coats,
I flung them over my arm, to save them from the melee.

I posed wearing the blue....

and the potter kindly secumbed to my pleas to wear the green one.

( note facial expression).

This year ,
oh joy of joys...
a Japanese kimona..

I assumed that it was merely a pretty house coat...
but no,
there on the label in the back was ,
"Made in Japan.   100 per cent silk"

I often wonder who owned these garments
and how did they manage to end up in Fuengirola Market?

And when if ever will I have an occasion to wear them...
I don't get out much!!!

Well you may or may not remember the
Mad Hatter's episode last year
and there they were...
...those garments.
Though what they had to do with the Mad Hatter...
I'm not entirely sure.


  1. Great photos! Love those kimonas and how you wear them. I love especially the last one. He's for keeps isn't he? He's cute!
    Grethe ´)

  2. You may find those kimonos missing after I've visited!

  3. Grethe...I've kept him for 40 years now...he doesn't have anywhere else to go!!!! I love your latest post by the way.

    Natasha...there are three now! I've counted them all in and I'll count them all on your way out!!...seriously I'm thinking of wearing some for the garden party on Saturday...if I have the courage!

  4. My Mum went to Fuengirola years ago... so long ago in fact that she was an extra in El Dorado the TV series whilst there!!! We used to have a video of her back as she walked past someone in the set :-)

  5. thanks for the comment furtheron...for years I wouldn't go to Fuengirola as it seemed a bit down market!! I know terrible isn't it! then we went and now I'm hooked ...I love the easy mad brits in their brit gear and the spanish with their sensible wheeled grocery baskets all intent on bagging a bargain! So little to amuse me!


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