Monday, June 27


It's nice to be back!
Back from the annual slowdown, wind down, and become a bit more human in the process.
That's what the Spanish fortnight does for us both.

We gaze out over a cork oak valley...
with earth coloured houses...
drive annoyingly slowly down the hill ...
[that is for the locals behind us desperate to get to the business at the bottom]
...drink our coffee our toasted spanish croissante
and tootle off to the beach for another busy day on the beach beds!

It's a hard life...but I can cope with it least once a year!


  1. You've got back home just in time for the good (hot) weather. A second holiday?

  2. We once had a wonderful holiday walking in the cork oak forests. It was so peaceful.

  3. I love your sketches, your strawberries and your art class!!! I had fun looking around! I just watched Shirley Valentine 2 days ago for the 5th time!!!! I loved that movie too!
    Thanks for coming by!!

  4. thankyou all for your kind welcomes back. Silly how we miss it all when there is no computor around at all!


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