Wednesday, May 4

A Poem for Thursday.

Above the grassy labyrinth
Wood browns flirt and flutter in pairs
Catching rays of gold
On mottled wings.
So new life emerges
Playful coquettish
To fly and suck
On summer's nectars.
The struggle from
The winter's binding
Strengthening flight
And damp moss perfumes
Dappled sunlight.
While blackbirds claim
Old Territories and sing.


  1. What a tender, soulful, lovely poem.

  2. thankyou Lo for those thoughtful words.

  3. I'm still in raptures from the squishy jug, and now I'm bowled over - how delightful and a lovely start to the day for me.

  4. good of you to comment and leave such kindly words here at the potters house penketh! I'm thrilled to find your blog and we're not so far away over here in Merseyland!

  5. Tracey...of the beautiful hair.. thankyou for your kind comment. It suits you !

  6. Lovely - I especially like the "struggle from winter's binding." We've been watching what we think is a mating dance (or some sort of display anyway) with the grackles in the back yard. They puff themselves up - but only when the female is around. When she flies off they go back to pecking around for seed on the ground.


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