Sunday, May 22

O.B.G. Belfast.

The Ormeau Baths Gallery in Belfast has an exhibition at the moment, featuring  artists who paint with black!

Historically this has been an art movement of the 20th c.
The first artist to paint a black painting was probably the Russian artist Kasimir Malevich. but many others have been inspired by his daring use of  black....
Two artists are exhibiting in the O.B.G. at the moment. Both living and working in Ireland.

But these are the works of Neil Shawcross.

So Neil Shawcross was able to paint directly on to the walls of the Gallery....
....oh boy what child wouldn't long to be doing that?
I'm told that my early artistic contribution to my parents home
was a fancy array of cats drawn all the way up the stairs.

This is me giving you an idea of the scale of this work.

   And these are the hands and legs of the two McClelland sisters!
We were joined by two other Irish sisters also in the arts world....
......Liz Jordan Porter who took the photo..and her sister Elvina Porter McCullough.

Art need not always be obsessively serious!


  1. Oh, my.....I love those black and white paintings......very dynamic and exciting.......nice forms.......

    but, I would prefer them on board or canvas and smaller size so they could be hung on walls.
    ( no wall space left in my house)

    Thanks for posting these.

  2. But I seriously like these - Neil Shawcross is not an artist I know - so am delighted to be introduced. Beautifully weighted yet supple - very sculptural.

  3. I think it’s sad how the adjective ‘serious’ gets twisted in such expressions as ‘serious music’ or ‘serious artist’ as if someone who writes a symphony – and only someone who takes his music seriously would even think of writing a symphony – can’t possibly write a fun symphony. Symphony 5½, composed in 1946, by the American composer Don Gillis (and considered by some to be his finest work) is subtitled "A Symphony for Fun," and it is just that. I like these paintings. They’re fun. I think it’s a shame that they’re only temporary works and I’d hate to be the one who has to paint over them but then I’m no artist and I’m in awe of anyone who can produce works like this. Even at this scale he probably rattles these down in about an hour and thinks nothing of them. That’s what I like about writing: I get to give it away and I get to keep it.

  4. haha love the last pic!!

  5. lo... have a look at his web it's full of works on canvas and paper.I'd have one...but can't afford it!
    Jennifer...yes he certainly is sculptural. Often Irish international means exhibits a lot in Europe and America but is hardly known in's a shame really but there you go!
    JWP and Natasha ..I know that they are your sense of fun!
    Jim...I'm so glad that you like them. And thankyou for the insight into the work of Don Gillis. I agree that art need not only be ultra serious. Thankyou.


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