Sunday, May 8

Not a Great Gardener.

Considering that we live in the middle of a suburb
and have 16 neighbours around and about the place,
we have quite a bit of land...well nearly an acre.

So people think that I am a good gardener
as there are a lot of flowers and trees in the garden.

Well part of the truth is that a lot of what you see at the moment...
...was there before we came.

So the question is,
  after the lemon and yellow of early spring
is it only our patch that starts to turn blue?

All of the bluebells were there already, so I've just let them multiply and shed their seeds and spread themselves about.

I've heard people say that they're a menace...they take over if you turn your back.
And also say that they aren't even English,
the Spanish have somehow infiltrated them!
Oh, that's exciting!
I love Spain.

So...then...there's another thing,
why is it that in the middle of all of this blueiness
arrives an anarchistic

Now I like a bit of complementary colouring
with the best of them,
but I didn't plan this .
And blow me if it isn't another country getting in the act with the Iceland poppies!

How could I ever!
You spring up in all the right places
just to be seen with the right companions.

Well I just had to compete.
So I went out to Beetham Garden Centre and got me a pile of blue and, well fairly nearly, black.

Beat that you  pesky,  pretty, pop-up everywhere beauties...

[hope they come back next year! ]


  1. Very refined choice for the lovely garden. I am a big fan of black flowers - hollyhocks, poppies, dahlias - they add a certain grace to a garden I feel.

    BTW - I was looking at the NPG website flickr pool and whose photos should pop up straight away - yours!

  2. And there's the evidence - you are a good gardener, no matter what was there before you arrived.

  3. I might pinch that iris next time I'm up!


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