Monday, May 23

New to the group.

I love it when someone comes along out of the blue
joins the Monday morning art group and lo and behold...
a graphic artist!
This is the  work of Barbara who came to join us last year
 through the recommendation of her friend Stella....a long term Monday morning painter.

The title "Fine Art" is a very strange thing don't you think,
because mostly it means...
...not fine at all but rather big and loose and bright!
Now I like big and loose and bright...
don't get me wrong....
but I also like careful and muted and really fine.
So here are a few of Barbara's really fine works.

[ My photos and her paintings]


  1. Tell Barbara, "Lovely paintings"........I wish I lived near you...would love to take that painting class.

  2. those are gorgeous dear Gerry!!!
    Bravo bravo!!!

    A big hug,

  3. I have been away...but I have been having trouble with blogger! so sorry that there have been no comments on your kind words. I will pass on your compliments to her on Monday...the last of the classes before summer.

  4. These are exquisite!

  5. How great of you to come on over to the pottershouse, welcome laughing housewife!!


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