Saturday, May 7

Birthday Lamp..."Spice Works"!

Today is my son's birthday, which always means that I'm a year older than I think.
Ben works with I.T. stuff that I can only imagine and shudder!
Part of the work involves an I.T. community called .."Spice Works" .
It has a logo of chilli peppers and a sort of creature.... looks to me like some dragon!
We're still on the family lamp theme for birthdays, so Ben's choice was one for "Spice Works"

I've put this up to show off the glaze....

...and that's what it looks like when lit up.

So it's now in pride of place at his home and looking good....
just like him!


  1. Gerry muchisimas felicidades para tu hijo!!!

  2. bicocacolors....thankyou I shall pass your greetings on to him. We had a super birthday brunch with some of the family today. Fun!

  3. That is a dragony thing, very full tummied with chillies and looking very pleased with himself.

  4. I envy him: first that he does, and then what he does!

  5. jennifer...I agree! apparantly that is the icon for the community but it's certainly eaten a lot of chillis...dread to think what might blow it up!!

  6. looks great... like that a lot

  7. I detect a knowing towards this "Spice" thingy? I know you have I.T. on the I'm sure you're speaking that mad language that Ben does. Loses me at the first sentence!

  8. Here the post on


  9. Thankyou Ben for that kind word.....rawwwrrrr!

  10. nick maynard04/08/2011, 15:24

    I use spiceworks all the time, wish I had a spiceworks Rex lamp


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