Thursday, May 26

A Poem for Thursday.


I thought I saw a solid form,
To base my future hopes upon.
In rain or hail,
In wind or storm.
My eye has been deceived.

It was a lie, illusion sweet.
It melted all around my feet.
Then... freezing like
 the polar sheet.
T'was not what I'd believed.

I test all sweet illusions now.
I strike them through from stern to bow
Those ships of mercy
And their crews.
Oft, not what they appear.

And honeyed words like buzzing bees.
And stings that brought me to my knees,
Flow past me
Like a summer breeze
I hardly know they're here.

He was the man I thought I knew.
She was the one with friendship true.
The fruit I tended
As it grew
Has rotted on the trees.

Like Blake my soul might wish them ill.
With poisoned words, my wut* to fill.
But time has passed
My heart is still.
My soul restored, released.

[ wut...german pronounced voot : rage, anger, wrath.]


  1. This reminds me of some of your songs, maybe you should set it to music! xx

  2. Yes the opening of the eyes to what is really before us unmasked can be a cursed thing. Spending so much time tending something that really is not what we thought can make a fine person feel the fool.

    I do appreciate your point and am glad for you restored soul and being.

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  4. Thankyou for all the comments.

    Walking's a learning experience...just might have been better to learn it while I was a lot younger!

  5. I'm not really anonymous but the profile says so at the moment!!!


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