Thursday, May 19

A Poem for Thursday.

My Belfast Home.

Black mountain.
Hill that broods over the city.
Is that peace it whispers?

Earth now brown
Earth now green
Earth now black.

We owned it
in the front room window.

Steady and patient
Telling time
Changing seasons
Holding up the sky.

Sky now blue
Sky now grey
Sky now black.

From you a sending.
Down to the river
Down to the lough
And on down to the sea.

Water now red
Water now green
Water now black.


  1. Well would you believe it...The National Trust blog has just put up a post on The Black Mountain! so it stays!

  2. Well would you believe it one of my bloggers that I follow...
    National Trust Belfast...has just put up a post on The Black Mountain! I think it has to stay!

    What about that!

  3. Shall now go and look up Black Mountain!

  4. thankyou Pat! We looked out on to this view from the family home and last week it suddenly resonated with me how iconic it is!

  5. I used to always look over to it as we drove along the motorway but never ventured up. I can picture that scene so well.

  6. so glad Rosie that you can picture this ...thankyou!


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