Saturday, April 9

The Talk.

Gave one of my art history talks this week.
I'd like to call them lectures, but it sounds too grand!
This is one that I give about the Bloomsbury group of artists, 
and the lives that they led at Charleston farmhouse in Sussex.
There were 25 women from a church in Warrington,
so I wasn't sure how well the history of the Bloomsburys would go down!
At the end an elderly woman came up and thanked me very sincerely for the lecture,
but mentioned that she had forgotten to bring her hearing aid, so heard very little.
But said what she did hear she enjoyed!

Presumably she enjoyed a good story about the menage a trois escapades
 of the Bloomsbury gang!

Charleston Farmhouse Sussex.


  1. What a lovely story Gerry - as someone who wears a hearing aid I can imagine the situation only too well!

  2. Hi Gerry,

    I would have loved to have beeb there for your lecture. I know only a bit about this group. Is the farmhouse open to vistors?


  3. Thankyou made my day! can visit the farmhouse from spring to autumn and it really is worth a visit, if only for the wonderful ladies who guide you around the house with many a raised eyebrow!


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