Monday, April 4

The Summerhouse.

My christmas gift from the potter,
 was having the summerhouse restored .
It achieved much more than it's previous glory.

Doors painted sky blue.

Windows freshly glossed white.

The roof clad with timber and emulsioned creamily white.

The walls clad and paintwashed with a soft summer blue like a washed out sky.

Things restored to the walls.
Abandonned items from the home, needing refuge.

A place for bits.
Important things like sun umbrellas and ladders

Beloved holiday truck.
Indian lampshades and Spanish posters of bull fighters,
who I could never bear to watch fight, but love the art they produce!

Bedraggled handy bags...lovely Madeiran embroidery.

And always the sun shines on us.

And empty bottles display their emptiness!
While under them hang papery rings of dried foliage from ancient celebrations.

With an even older stringy thing from the lakes holidays when "they" were very young indeed.
(they being the young ones from the potters house)

New covers on old chairs,
and old quilts underneath.

Chinese hats in case the global warming gets to us.

And ancient ice cream adverts to remind us of summer,
 should we ever stray there in the winter.

Bar stools clad with flamingos.

And bedroom chairs with patchwork mended over and over.
Charity shop crotchet flung over the backs of them
 with may I say, gay abandon!.

Children's paintings presented with much love and bedecked with indian fabric bunting.

Sydney's W.W.II  Royal Navy "bins".
Handy for bird watching on lazy summer evenings.

Romanian wine bottles of ferocious strength...giggle.

And a Holman Hunt lamp to light the way in the darkness.

Bunches of dried flowers...

........left behind from the first little business,
 that the "Amelies House" girl started so long ago.

And always, as my mother said, some red to cheer the soul along the way.

Nothing wasted....

And a view to dream over,
 with the cherry tree bursting into blossom.

Put your feet up on the footstool , potter,
take your ease and survey a job.....
 ...well done.


  1. Have you got any vacancies?! I love the Lyons Maid sign btw - very evocative.

  2. Better than "well done".....marvelous.

    Thanks for the grand tour and a peek into your life.

  3. Oooo. So lovely! It will be lovelier come the summer when you can really enjoy it! ♥

  4. Gerry-
    A perfect artists' getaway spot! I love all the ecletic bits.

  5. What a generous Xmas present! Your potter now deserves a rest:) I LOVE your summerhouse with all the little details. And I can see, you take the same strategy -using the top space for storage (chairs).

  6. Looks fabulous! Can't wait to visit! xx

  7. I had soooo many labels for this one that it refused to play ball!
    Natasha...I can't wait for your visit either!
    jeannette...thankyou for visiting the post. The potter seldom stops! so I have to do my best and provide regular cuppas and food!
    Chemin des muguets....I think my life is composed of eclectic bits that I can hardly bear to throw away.
    ganeida....we are already in, but you are right ,the summer is the ideal time for it!
    Lo....I like that word for this (basically a hut!) GRAND tour. thankyou for that.
    John....vacancies? well there is a day bed and when the going gets too tough...I'm on it!

  8. What an absolutely delightful little space to sit and twitter away the hours... I LOVE IT!


  9. Incredible, both quality and quantity. (I've had some of that Romanian wine!)

  10. Gerry - I want to be there now, this minute - it exudes peace, tranquility and a sense of absolute relaxation! And I love those blue doors.

  11. Gerry I want to sit in there aswell - I love your decor. I remember Lyons Maid :)

    (I see you found my other blog posts today - I have just imported them from another blog that I am going to be deleting soon - as I can only keep up with 2 blogs not 3!).

  12. OH! What a splendid, gorgeous little summer house, I want to move in today - you wouldn't winkle me out of one of those chairs. Some people would pay a lot of money to achieve this 'look', and you have done it with old treasures and natural style.

  13. Summerhouse envy breakout here...


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