Monday, April 18

Sheila Fell at The Abbott Hall Gallery Kendal.

Abbott Hall  is a gallery in the lovely Lakeland town of Kendal.
The ride up from Morecambe on the back road is itself a delicious pleasure.

Ancient villages are surrounded by stone walls
and  gnarled trees close in overhead
 to cast their green shadows
on the unchanging landscape.

And then the new exhibition at the gallery is preceded
 by a scrumptious morning coffee and freshly baked goodies,
in the little cafe to the side.

Then I'm ready for the works showing in the gallery.
I first heard of Sheila Fell at The Clarke Gallery in Hale Cheshire.
She was Lakeland born and bred.
Sadly she died before she could reach her absolute potential.
However,  the paintings that I saw on Saturday,were more than convincing
of the future that would have been her's in years to come.
A hint of van Gogh, a touch of Cezanne's simplification
and more than enough of her own personality and fiestiness.
I think the lakes and northwest have produced women artists
who paint the landscape as if they were made of it's soil and rocks themselves.



  1. Hope you had a lovely weekend! XX

  2. was a great one with good weather.
    Sorry to miss you .

  3. What a wonderful excursion!


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