Thursday, April 7

A Poem for Thursday.

Silly thing this....
....but I went to the auctions recently with a friend who wanted to buy some garden ornaments.
She got nothing .... prices went too high.
I went for nothing, which is always fatal!
I spied two antique Japanese coats hanging up outside the auction room and I was hooked.
I can't tell you what I paid as the potter might read this and he would give me that sad eyed look!
The thing is, that it was only three days before the Japanese tragedies.
Silly how you react sometimes. It hit me really badly.
I sang at a gig that Friday and wore one of them in some desperate attempt at identification with them.
I couldn't bear to put up the poem that came to me then.... it was too fragile a time.
Today I read that they have at last managed to stop the flow of contaminated water .
That's at least something.
I know that this will go on for them ...and on.....and on.

2  4  6
Two. forty -six is a sleepy time.
Two, four, six,  is a children's rhyme.
You can't go swimming 'cos the waves are too high.
Don't frighten the kids
just give them a smile.

It's only the earth dear,
When all's said and done.
It's just the blue planet,
We orbit the sun.
It's far, far away from the garden my dear.
There's no need for temperate people to fear.

Just go fly a kite
and give them a smile.
But please don't go swimming
The waves are too high. 

and it's cherry blossom time again in Tokyo.


  1. beautiful.....and sad. I do love the coat too.

  2. thankyou Lyn...I've hung on with this one for a while.

  3. This is lovely - and just so sad. But I agree - gorgeous coat!

  4. This was just a beautiful post!


  5. gerry, your japanese robes are gorgeous.....what finds, indeed! you wear them beautifully and in honor of all those who are suffering right now in that fragile country. i believe japan had another aftershock heart breaks for them.

  6. Beautiful. I understand completely why you felt you couldn't publish then. It took me a long time before I could post "Goodbye", but all such considerations aside, that is a charming piece of work. It could hold its own with any of the traditional nursery rhymes. Congratulations.

  7. The coats are beautiful!
    I love your poem.
    It's funny how things are sometimes connected in a weird way. You bought these coats three days before the tragedy. I came upon this wonderful blog written by an Australian potter living in a northern Japan just few days before earthquake.
    Check it out, I think you'll like it:


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