Saturday, April 30

Morecambe Moments

The weather was splendid last time we were by the Bay.
The sands stretched out for miles and the sun baked the edges hard.
Some local lads rode their shining horses along the beach on the West End of the Promenade.
It made me think of that Irish Film about the boy and his horse as they rode off into the west....

......."Tir na nOg....tir na nOg...."

....or even the play ..."War Horse"....

There was obviously a great close relationship between these lads and their horse!


  1. Into the West is one of my favourite films. We watched it at home, three of us, when my son was a lad, and as the credits rolled found that each of us was muffling sobs and tears. (I seem to remember something similar happening at the Electric Horseman!)

  2. simple wonderful relationship!!!!

  3. Colleen...thankyou for your comment, I've seen Into the West a few times also.I cry every time!

  4. bicocacolors...thankyou for popping over! I never was a horsey person...not enough money! but I can understand the relationship as I felt the same about my dog!


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