Wednesday, April 20

Micro climate

When we arrived here 30 years ago the back field was being used as an unofficial tip......a dump.
So we cleared it .....enough for three skips and then some. Started work on the nettles, docks and brambles and got a lot sorted. But then we slowed down a bit and looked at the results and had a rethink.
Yes some would be gardenish! And some would be a bit wild, well actually more than a bit wild if truth be told. I remember a friend bringing her mother to see us and remarking, that of course she wouldn't have it quite so untidy! Madam, the wild bits are still there. We can take criticism......and ignore it.
Ther are nettles still thriving in the back of the field.
There are brambles along the edges.
Docks grow under the fruit trees where some nettles also reside.....well everyone knows that you always need a dock leaf to kill the nasty itching from a nettle sting!

But violets have taken over some hidden spots.

Bluebells seed and multiply under the trees.

White honesty has naturalised all along the edges.

Forgetmenots grow and multiply so fast
 that no one can keep up with their naughty shenanigans in the long grass!

Lots more wildnesses have crept in quietly while we were looking the other way.

Down in the little wood where the brambles compete with the honeysuckle,
There's even a possibility that the sleeping beauty will wake up very soon........
isn't there a wedding happening this month ?

Sssshh! let her sleep.............


  1. I love your whimsy and your photos.

    Is that what forget-me-nots look like? How grand.

  2. Well Lo...I pick the seedling out at a rate of knots...and still there are "millions" I might exagerate a little at times. Irish like to embellish a story !


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