Thursday, April 21

A Poem for Thursday....Here is a Miracle...

Here is a Miracle

Here is a miracle
 brown twigs
have turned green.
I saw it this week.

Here is a miracle
I saw it this week
colour exploded
along dusty roads.

Colour exploded
with orange and pink
purple and cream
on last week's brown twigs.

I saw it this week
and a fig tree survived
no need to go cursing
small fruit has appeared.
major epiphany.

Here is a miracle.

winter defeated.


  1. and don't it feel good?!

  2. Lovely, and a good reminder of what happens every spring. God bless your day Gerry!

  3. A miracle indeed Gerry - and it happens every year.

  4. Julie...thankyou so much for popping over to see the post.'s such a delightful spring this year. I love your latest post with all of the little hidden flowers as well.
    Rosie and Natasha...don't you know that F.C.F.
    (family comes first!)

  5. Winter defeated.
    __That natural process... a warming view so nicely posed. _m

    cold rain
    falling to these warm flowers
    life smiles

  6. Magyar...a lovely haiku. Thankyou!

  7. It is a miracle - and one that I never cease to doubt as winter clings so stubbornly. Doubting Dana, that's me :) Love the pictures from your last post - I'd leave the field wild too, if it were me.

  8. Dana..have you read Oz. Guinness's book, "The Holy Doubter"? I think you would like it. I did!

  9. I kno9w it's spring, why there is even some real green comin' in roun' here but oh my give some

  10. Natasha...yes of course it should be...but in the case of figs mmmmm well I make an exception!


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