Wednesday, March 9

Weekend Cache.

A piece of drift wood
An Edwardian mirror from my favourite charity shop...
And a painting from the weekend workshop.
Successful three days.

I'll clean up the frame of the mirror and patch the broken bits.
Mount and frame the painting.
And add the driftwood to the ever growing collection of wonderful shapes.

Happiness doesn't take much...does it?


  1. Mmmm just throw a glass and wine and some chocolate in as well!

  2. The driftwood reminds me of the bit we found at Bassenthwaite lake many years ago when my parents lived there, its a wonderful bit of twisted windswept Hawthorn, I have never found anything as good as it yet!

  3. I love your idea of happiness.
    You are one of the lucky ones who can find joy everywhere.

  4. thankyou Lo...I have to admit that Natasha's suggestion was also a big contributor to the good weekend!!


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