Monday, March 28

Sweet Memories

I had such a good weekend up in the house in Morecambe.

The bay was at it's most glamorous......
.......that's Morecambe Bay for anyone new to my ramblings.

I said to the potter, that it was a watercolour day.
The lake district mountains in the distance looked as if the painter had turned them upside down and let the wash of colour settle in the top of the hills and the valleys were lost in a sweet mist.

Eric was his usual smiling self.
I never go past him but he is surrounded by happy people raising their left leg!

We sat outside at the Midland Hotel one evening.
The day was still warm,

and we drank our Guinness and watched the sun go down.

Old friends from Co. Down came by
so we sat in the lounge at the house and drank tea
and put the world gently to rights.

The fire was lit in the big hearth
and being old friends
we all but fell asleep.

Sheep graze on the salt marshes around the Bay.
Red Bank Farm have opened a little eaterie there.
 And they sell their home grown and home cooked Lamb Henry
with heaps of fluffy mash and petit pois and yummy gravy.

And then all that is left to do is have a walk along the salt marshes,
while happy dogs romp
 and kites are flown.

And travel back down the M6 for another week's work.


  1. Beautiful! A watercolour day, to be sure. Oh, and I may be German-American, but I have sense enough to love my Guinness :-) Now which one is the Star of the County Down? I'll say "all."

  2. may be german-american, but there has to be a bit of Irish in you if you can blarney like that! thankyou kind sir.

  3. What a lovely day out you had and the sun came out for you.

  4. How beautiful! That first picture looks fake it's so lovely!


  5. I have VERY fond memories of Morecombe bay and beach and your lovely post has brought them all back. Much thanks.

  6. pearl...thankyou. For many years, in fact since the late 50s, this little seaside town went downhill rapidly as people wanted more adventurous holidays. Perhaps we missed the beauty right under our noses. The bay really is that beautiful and the view really is to the famous Lake District mountains of Wordsworth fame.

  7. Lovely to see some of the old crew from Co Down back together - shades of Messiah '66 and The Victors at the Grapevine.
    So you've been in Morcambe? That would explain why I couldn't get through to you, though I'm not absolutely sure I've got your right number -and my PC lost your email since this time last year when we were in touch. Do you think you could give me a ring or email me, please? You can contact me through Jean, if you've lost my details :-)


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