Tuesday, March 8

Students at The Potters House.

It's good sometimes to have  new perspectives and fresh ideas brought to the classes.
Last week two young students from a college in the north of Lancashire, spent time with us in the studios.
From Capernwray Hall winter school, came an American girl and an Irish girl.
Both already have had experience in art college .
It was interesting to watch and see what they would come up with in the short time that they had with us.

Rachel from Ireland,  has a Master's degree in art.

This is the beginning of a landscape pot constructed by coiling the clay.
Eventually it is brought into a narrow opening before the modelling is added on.

Now the surface has been knocked and smoothed into a perfect gourd-type shape.

Emily  formed a slab pot by placing it around  a weight to hold the shape until the clay firmed up enough to allow it to be removed.

Pattern was pressed on with wooden tools and clay modelled into the shape needed.

When the pots are bone dry they will be fired to biscuit and then glazed and fired once again to a higher temperature.

Here at The Potters House Penketh, we are always glad of a little something away from the hum-drum of everyday doings. So thankyou to them for brightening our week.....and hope to see you again maybe sometime!


  1. My cousin has a master's degree in "throwing pots" as my uncle says :) She & her husband have a kiln and a little shop & do a lot of shows - & teach at the local community college to make ends meet. Their house is the most amazing place - benefiting from both of their artistic abilities.

    I on the other hand, do NOT create with my hands - I'm always in awe of what other people can create.

  2. __I love the old world arts and skills, arts that should never be ignored; Potters, Smiths, Weavers, Carvers, and so many more... those things of the 'mind driven hand.' And that the young find joy in those practices... gives me joy.
    __Rachel and Emily... keep sailing the ship!

  3. Well, just judging from the photographs, they do look VERY interesting pieces.

  4. Bug...I suspect that you are exceedingly good at putting people at their ease...a most important "art"!
    Magyar... I agree, it's so important to keep these wonderful skills of the hand and eye and bring them up to date in the 21st c. with the thoughts of the young.
    Dave...well let's hope that they don't explode in the firing! then all will be well!

  5. Is your pottery studio open for callers Gerry - if so I would love to come over when the weather improves - I wouldn't think you are too far from us.

  6. Weaver...that would be great. If you let me know when you are coming I'll make sure that we are around. We sometimes just close up and go for a walk or a ride out in to the countryside nowadays.


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