Thursday, March 31

New Work.

I seem to need a starter in my art.
"Starter for ten"...I hear you cry!

A muse, a book, an exhibition, a poem.
A visit to the Tate in Liverpool
or the Walker.

I saw an exhibition of Chinese artists just before Christmas.
The purity of the line and the meagreness of the palette was scrumptious.

So in need of something tangible I pulled out this book from the shelf.
I bought it in a second hand book shop quite a while ago and had a bit of a look from time to time.

All the artists are of the 20th c.

Li K'e-jan: Poets under Trees with Falling Leaves.
( describes this perfectly)

Me: Shell lying on the Beach in Goa.
( does it work?)

Lin Feng-mien: Herons in the Reeds.
( So few brush strokes).

Me: Driftwood Root with Stones Encased.
( did I get a bit too precious?)

Lin Feng-mien: Landscape with Yellow Trees.

Me: Driftwood with Hole - Found on the Bay.
(well I really did)

Lin Feng-mien: Actor in the Classical Opera.

Me : Large Driftwood in the Shape of Hiroshige's Wave.
( the name Hiroshige is classical!)

Why do the title's of the Chinese artists have such an authentic ring to them,
While mine might seem a little contrived I'm asking myself.

Ah well, I could call them....
Driftwood I
Driftwood II
Driftwood III
and Shell I

In fact I think I have, on the flickr site!!


  1. Exquisite Gerry. I have a beautiful piece of Chinese writing on rice paper, which i bought in China. I shall photograph it and put it on my blog tomorrow. It gives me such inspiration - although it is writing their script is such that each letter is itself a work of art.

  2. I think that we are really starting to appreciate eastern arts nowadays. I suppose that there is so much in the media that we see regularly.
    Thankyou for your encouraging !!

  3. Ooh! How interesting to read how you might be inspired by other artists. Striking how the simplicity of palette is apparent in what you make yourself and the Chinese paintings you have chosen,

    I've been very taken with the spareseness of the pollarded London plane trees against the sky this year.

  4. thankyou Colleen...I visited your post and was amazed at the height of the asparagus..well done!

  5. There is nothing wrong with your own spare line use and the titles are accurate to what you have drawn. After 5 years working in a major art institute hanging the art, the one thing that always bothered me is when something is titled "untitled 1-2-3-4 etc.

  6. thankyou walking man for your comment. I wonder if it could be my lack of confidence?! I shall take your advice and give them their proper titles .


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