Tuesday, March 22

Kate's Present.

Kate was fifteen this week and Alan made her a lamp similar to her southern cousin's,
 but with stars  instead of rabbits.
Well she is fifteen!

I suppose that the other three grandgirlies will soon request their preferred cutouts on their personal lamps.
What should I have?....
..........if I ever got to the front of the pops's queue!!

Shine on.


  1. They really are exquisite Gerry. As for what you would get when you got to the front of the queue - I suppose it is a case of the cobbler's shoes.

  2. Weaver...you have hit the nail slap bang on it's head!! I will be an even older woman when my time in the queue comes. Not bitter though!!

  3. Love that Lamp.........

  4. thankyou lyn-f....I think they are probably quite commercial...if I could get the potter to think that way!!

  5. I'll have to have a think about what I want my lamp to be! xx

  6. Better get your order in soon.....you're way down the list!!


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