Wednesday, March 30


The Old Dutch Woman.

 As well as many other things, grandfather Williamson was a painter.

We called this "The old dutch lady"
It graced the wall at the bottom of the stairs in the family home in Belfast.
Grandfather was Scottish, and the story goes that he trained at the Art College in Glasgow.
As my brother would say, "we have no definitive evidence for this!"
But I persuaded the Potter to go up to Glasgow once, to search for a clue.
We went to the Macintosh designed building and saw other similar paintings on the walls of one room.
Grandfather would have gone to the college long before this was built,
but to see the paintings so similar hinted at "definitive evidence".

Whatever the truth is, it went a long way towards my appreciation of art.
Now it hangs in the back room where I write these posts....still inspiring me.


  1. And a fascination portrait it is...

  2. Art is just so inspiring. I'm sure your visit to the Tate in Liverpool gave you lots and lots of ideas.

    That's one amazing painting your grandfather painted - he was very talented.

  3. Jinksy...I loved this but my sister 7 years younger, hated it when she was at home. Enough to damage it! Now of course she is a well known artist in Ireland and has matured.....they say! ( she'll slaughter me for that you can be sure!)'s lovely to have this painting of grandfather's. He died before I was born and I always wanted to know him because of this work.


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