Wednesday, March 30

A Poem for Thursday.

Oh silly me!
Did I think that I could do without poetry ?
Well I can't!

We went to The Tate Liverpool recently.
It was the oldest grand daughter's 15th birthday.
She loves her art!
The exhibition on the 2nd floor is curated by the poet .......
Carol Ann Duffy.
So lots of lovely words end up in paintings and all that.
There's a board with magnetic words on strips, and you are encouraged to put them together however you want.
Fantastic fun!
So here is what we did....
not earth shattering I know ...but brilliant!

Pretty deep I'd say!


  1. I really like Carol Ann Duffy's work and I also enjoy working with predetermined words. I have a few of those poems on my blog; they are fun to do, even with the limitations.

    Incidentally, your words are the poem for me. very nice!


  2. Hope without wasps - I like that a lot.

  3. Hi Gerry, deep indeed! Pop over to my site to see Ian McMillan, The Bard of Barnsley, and his splendid new longplayer combining Barnsley vowels and World rhythms.

  4. John...I left you a comment on your blog about Ian McMillan. I love his voice, his sense of humour and his northernness! Am I biased?!
    Kat ...thankyou for you kind remark. I love Carol- Ann Duffy's black humour do you? And her quirky ness if you know what I mean.
    Weaver....wasps...ugh...About the only thing flying that I hate!

  5. Just catching up on your posts. Oh, I do like your poem and the idea of taking random words and making them into something. Lovely simple script too. Is that important?

  6. When I was in primary school we were taught to write like this! Maybe they realised at the Tate that the type of script would set bells ringing in our memories and encourage us to compose....what a great thought!


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