Thursday, February 17

Voting in The Handmade Olympics

This is very much an Amelie's House thing, But as the lamp in question is rather fabulous, I'm asking anyone who may feel inclined to vote for this in the aforementioned Handmade Olympics!
At the moment I believe that he (Alan the potter) is in the lead.
I also believe that there are amazing prizes for the winner, unfortunately they all seem to be in America. But hey whatever.As we say over here, "It's the taking part that matters".
You can find the voting box here. (Actually he's rather chuffed that she put his ceramic lamp forward!)


  1. I cast my vote for the lamp. Looks like he's tied with the "dragon finger puppet" at the moment. Best of luck!


  2. That is beautiful. Thanks for the link. Lovely and creative works of art.

  3. Exceptional. I have duly voted.

  4. Thankyou all for your kind act.
    Well he lost ground over the night but seems to have picked himself up and is back at the moment in the lead. We shall see what occurs!

  5. I have just cast my vote - he appears to be well in the lead so fingers crossed. I really love the lamp - I must say that I thought they were hares and I collect things with hares on them. But even as rabbits I think it is delightful - I do hope he wins.


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