Saturday, February 26

Spring has sprung!

At last, at last the spring flowers are here.
We took a trip to Dunham Massey in Cheshire today.
The sky was sunny and blustery...just how you want a spring day to be when it's nearly March and it's about to come in like a lion!

We bought ourselves National Trust membership last year.
 The new snowdrop walk at Dunham has quite a reputation already, so  we went off to see the results.

They stretch in magical swathes under the trees and the petals shine and almost glimmer in the light.

In clumps as well
and all sorts of shapes and sizes.
I'm no expert on the different types, I just want to see the beauty of them, both singly and in crowds.

This triangle of trees and snowdrops takes your breath away.
Pure white bark of Japanese birch underplanted with hundreds of snowdrops.
The regimentation of the layout of the trees against the scatter of the flowers..just beautiful.

but as we say in Befast.."there's more"!

lawns full of scillas with their ice blue flowers...

                                      early miniature irises of all hues...

all pushing their way through the dead leaves of the old season of autumn.
New life from old.


and even more to delight the eye.

And of course it could only be spring with daffodils.
These early miniatures dancing through it all in the winds.

What else could I do after that......apart from a nice cup of tea....
but buy a couple of pots for the garden.

Three different miniature irises in the bud.
Grow little plants grow!


  1. Beautiful Gerry. Those iris reticulata are my favourites. I keep meaning to grow some indoors in pots - they do very well like that.

  2. Oh, how beautiful. You are, I'm afraid, well ahead of us over here (Minneapolis, MN) and I won't be seeing these things personally until at least April, mid-April...


    Hanging on,


  3. How wonerful to see these pictures, Gerry. Thank you for sharing. I'm so looking forward to spring.
    Grethe `)

  4. A beautiful collection. That must have been such an uplifting walk, despite the weather.

    Probably a silly question, but how do you put your signature on the photos?

  5. Color me green! Just beautiful, and a much needed reminder that winter will pass...just not yet in Ohio. Sorry I haven't stopped by lately. My wife says I've been in stasis. These lovely blooms surely brightened my day.

  6. Gorgeous spring flowers. I wish I can be there and take that walk with you :)

  7. I have some of those pale iris in my garden, I think I'd like some scillas aswell! xx

  8. Weaver ...thankyou for the proper name for those pretty irises. I'm really poor at remembering those things and it makes them even more special when you do! would love Dunham at the moment. Plan for next year!
    Dartford warbler...I use a site called picnik for all my editing. My camera is not grand so I edit all with picnik. You can put your name on with it and it's a good way of protecting the work...not that mine would be so wanted!!!
    Pearl and Thyra...I hope that spring comes soon for you in your part of the world. Maybe you could put up some pics of spring in your part of the globe. It's one of the main reasons why I love the bloggers that I follow!


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